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It is not easy to get information on mortgage rates these days. There is simply too much fluctuation in the market. The rates may actually change before you have the closing on your home mortgage financing. However, you can get estimates of the lowest mortgage rates around the states, without having to spend a single penny. Some mortgage lenders allow you to search various mortgage companies, and give you an approximate of the lowest rate you could be paying.
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You may have researched the vaious mortgage lenders locally, and think you are getting the best rate for your home mortgage refinance. Stop! Make one last call and, see whether you could be saving some more on your mortgage rate. One call will make all the difference. Fix your mortgage rate now.
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The fluctuating economy has caused the mortgage interest rates to reach an all time low. This is seen as the best time for home owners to have their adjustable rate mortgages refinanced to a fixed rate mortgage. Why? Simply because when the rates fall so hard, they will eventually rise, and you don't want to get stuck with a rate that is higher than you can afford.

So when you decide that a fixed mortgage rate is the best option for you where do you go to refinance those mortgage rates? Who has the lowest mortgage rate at the moment, when comparing banks and, mortgage lenders?

I could give you a simple answer and, say, go for Bank of America or opt for Wachovia. However, I have to make this a long strung answer simply because; there is no flat rate answer. Some banks may be offering a rate as low as 2.3% but, is that the best rate for you?

As a mortgage shopper you have to answer some questions before you can decide to refinance your mortgage at the lowest rate.