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One of the most important questions for immigrants is: "Is it worth to buy an apartment in the US?"

It’s often that newcomers do not have money for purchasing an apartment.  So, in such situations, people usually decide to buy housing for credit money, using the mortgage products of US banks. It’s not surprising that if a US resident buys a house or apartment for the first time, he notice that the size of mortgage payments do not differ from what is being paid for rent. Therefore, for many people, mortgage lending can be more interesting than long-term rent of a house or apartment.

But you should know that with mortgage lending, the higher the first installment, the lower the monthly payment for the loan, which you need to pay a fairly long period.
So some emigrants have a chance to save up for buying a house or apartment, working for several years and renting economy-class housing, and only after that buy real estate in a mortgage.

Before buying real estate in a mortgage you also need to be sure, you have enough monthly income to make monthly payments to the bank for the use of credit funds.  A bad credit history in the US means a lot!

Also, there is always a risk that you can be fired, and if you cannot save small savings all the time for such case buying real estate is not the smartest action.

Another risk is in market prices for real estates. The price of real estate can fall significantly, and you will not be able to sell an apartment or house at an initial price. At the same time, there may be a reverse process, when the price of real estate in different parts of the US can significantly increase.

So before buying a real estate it’s better to get a help of realtor, and choose a property which price will be sufficiently stable after some years, so that in case of financial problems, you will be able to sell it to a new buyer.