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Washington Mutual Inc.

It is one of most performing and socially active company. The services offered by Washington Mutual ranges from savings bank account, credit cards, retirement solutions and insurance services.

The social accountability of the organization and its business – friendly outlook towards women and minorities makes it the most well respected and innovative organizations.


Need – Based Loan Packages

The company offers a wide range of loan products with option combinations. The loans vary from fixed to adjustable rate mortgages, interest only loans and home equity loans. It offers to mix and match the loan terms namely, the monthly commitment, repayment period, length of loan, points and documentation requirements.

Borrower’s qualification and loan type determine the option combinations. The flexibility offered is the greatest advantage of refinance plans provided.

Under the Washington mutual refinance package you can choose to reduce the down payment by accepting for loans at a higher rate of interest. Where your income patterns are erratic you can choose to pay higher down payments.


Refinance Options

Online services offered by Washington Mutual help you decide whether refinance is essential and if yes the choice of refinance plans. The personal and financial details provided by you helps the company decide the right kind of a plan and the option combination that you qualify.

The pre – qualification conditions are informed to the customer with the help of a checklist of requirements which provide an insight into possible requirements that arise and which are specific to every case.

The website offers a number of tools and tips in handling the loan options, debt consolidation, down payment and prepayment strategies.

Comparing the loan options offered by the company and other new loan packages helps you decide the choice of options. A specialist in refinancing plans, Washington Mutual is the best and the most sought after lender for flexible loan options.