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The USA is a huge country, with a diverse climate, culture and customs. Therefore, when choosing a place of residence, you first of all need to decide what you want from this country? If you want eternal summer – you should go to California or Florida. If your initial goal is a quick job search, then go to the big city. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, in these cities to find a job for the visitor will be much easier than in some small town in Oklahoma or Ohio.

The level of knowledge of English also significantly influences the choice of a place for living in the USA.

Do I need to know the language? This question is asked by almost every potential emigrant. Of course you need to know the language if you want to live and develop in the US, but you can do without it if you live and work in Russian-speaking areas, such as Brighton Beach in New York, for example. If you speak Spanish, you will be more comfortable in California or New Mexico, but the knowledge of Spanish can only be seen as an additional bonus. Despite the fact that there is no official language in the United States, the residents of this country, as you know, mostly use English. Therefore, if you plan to live and work among the English-speaking population, you definitely have to learn English.

In large cities, salaries are higher, however, and the cost of living is much higher, too. For example, renting apartments in New York or San Francisco cost 3-4 times more than renting apartments of the same level in Omaha or Buffalo. The same applies to the cost of utilities.

Food.  You can also find a significant difference in the price of food. For example, in San Francisco meat costs 2-3 times more than in Boise, the capital of Idaho.
If you have relatives or friends in the US, ready to help you with your adaptation, be sure to use their help. Even if the state or city where they live does not meet your requirements - do not refuse. It is very important to have your people in a foreign place. They will help with the search for housing, work, getting insurance, driving license, opening a bank account, etc., which will save your money, and most importantly time.

If you do not have relatives or friends in the US, then go to a big city, for example, New York. Firstly, it is easier to find a job in a larger city, and secondly, there are a lot more your language-speaking population in big cities, and in the absence of acquaintances and bad English it is an important factor.