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Hawaii is a unique island world, which has no analogue in the world. There is one of the most active in the world of volcanoes and the highest sea rock. It’s the land of surfing, hula dance and Hawaiian cuisine. There was once a kingdom, and now Hawaii has real palace, the only one in the US land.

Hawaii is the youngest geological formation in the world and the youngest state in USA. But, probably, the most unique feature of Hawaii is the special spirit of Aloha.
In the archipelago there are 6 main islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii. Each island has its own character and each of them offers you its own special adventures, types of outdoor activities and its unique natural landscapes.


Kauai is the fourth largest island. It’s often called the Island of Gardens, which describes it very accurately. It is the oldest and northern island in the archipelago. Some truly fabulous places on the island can be reached only by sea or by helicopter.

The island boasts not only its incredible beauty, but also rich opportunities for recreation: kayaking on the river Vailua, scuba diving on the beach of Poipu, hiking along the paths of the park Kokee State Park, crossing the rope above the picturesque valleys of the island.


The island, sometimes called the meeting place. Oahu is the third-largest island of Hawaii and a home for the majority of the population, where the eastern and western cultures merge, rooted in the values and traditions of the indigenous people. It is the incredible contrast between the ancient and the modern that makes Oahu so fascinating to explore.

On Oahu, the clear blue waters of Kailua beach meet with the urban landscapes of Honolulu. The historical architecture of the palace of Iolani is combined with the monuments of Pearl Harbor. The large city of Waikiki contrasts with the small coastal settlement of Khaleiwa.


Imagine what Hawaii was like in the past: a beautiful country with pristine beaches, no skyscrapers and traffic lights. Until now, all that has been preserved on the island of Molokai. There you have a chance to live, as did the indigenous people.

On Molokai there are the highest sea cliffs in the world and the longest continuous coastal reef in Hawaii. Choose an untrodden path and go along the cliffs leading to the National Historical Park of Kalaupapa, or explore the beach of Papohaku - one of the largest white sandy beaches in Hawaii.

Since most of the inhabitants of the island are indigenous people, this is the place where the Hawaiian culture thrives. People there continue to maintain their rural way of life, and thanks to their love for their land you can feel this spirit of Aloha in every town of the island. The past of Hawaii comes to life on Molokai.


There you will not see a single traffic light. Lanai is only 14.5 km from Maui, however, this is a completely different world. On Lanai there is a feeling that there are two universes coexist. The first is luxury resorts and upscale golf courses. The other is the untrodden trails that lead you to such treasures as the Garden of the Gods (Keahiakawelo).

Although it is the smallest uninhabited island of Hawaii, Lanai has something to offer its guests as entertainment. From the stunning views from the top of the Munro Trail to the observation of the acrobatic dolphin rooms from Hulopoe Bay, Lanai is a special place where you will surely find tranquility, solitude and adventure.


Enjoy an amazing view, opening from the transcendental peak of Haleakala Volcano. Watch the huge whale off the coast of Lahaina. Lose the count of waterfalls when you are maneuvering along the Hana highway. From the first visit it becomes clear why Maui is called the Island-valley.

It is the second-largest island of Hawaii, however, it has less population than you might imagine. Rest on Maui is popular among discerning tourists who are looking for unusual pastimes in small towns and on the spacious resorts scattered all over the island.

Enjoy the diversity of nature: from picturesque slopes to beaches, which have been recognized many times as one of the best in the world.


Visiting the island of Hawaii, you will certainly be impressed. From the molten magma of volcanoes in the National Park to the snowy peaks of Mauna Kea, from the green tropical forests of the Hamakua coast to the blue-black sands of Punaluu Beach - on the island, as nowhere, you can see the power of nature.

To avoid confusion with the name of the whole state, the island is often called the Big Island. This is the largest island of the archipelago: it even has two climatic zones.

The size of the island allows it to become a whole microcosm of entertainment. There is everything: from extravagant resorts and stunning golf courses to humble local towns and historical places. This is the birthplace of King Kamehame I and there was the first missionary church in Hawaii in the historic village of Kailua. There are so many things that it is better to get acquainted with the island in parts.

Each island of Hawaii is unique and worthy to be given its separate attention. The Hawaiian Islands are a paradise on earth.