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Understanding Interest Only Mortgages

An interest only mortgage gives a cheaper approach to buy a home than a capital repayment mortgage, since borrowers are repaying just the interest and not the capital.

Interest only home mortgage loan is not a new concept and was very popular during the prime of endowment plans.


Interest only mortgages are for those who have a fine reason for choosing the lower preliminary payment, and are ready to handle the outcomes. Here are a few potential reasons:

Pay Principal when Suitable: Borrowers with variable earnings may value the flexibility that interest only mortgage gives them. When their savings are tight, they can make the interest only payment, and when their savings are in good shape, they can make a large payment to principal.

Purchase More House: It is regular for many individuals to start with a ‘starter house’, and after that move into a more luxurious residence as their earnings increase. This procedure of ‘moving up’has high transaction as well as moving costs.

Fast Capital Gain: An interest only mortgage is the instrument of choice during a fast turnover condition, if you are attempting to capitalize on the amount of house you can purchase, and are restricted by your earnings. The interest only option offer lower mortgage rates, which lets you to be eligible for a bigger loan amount.


Risks Associated with Interest Only Mortgage

The main risk is being tricked into accepting an interest only mortgage that does not meet any of the suitability criteria. The fraudulent companies stated desirable features of interest only mortgages that actually do not exist.


The deception caused by’ comparisons of apples and oranges’. The majority of interest only mortgages are adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), and ARMs have lesser rates as compared to fixed rate mortgages (FRMs).

ARMs with the interest only option have lower rates than FRMs because they are ARMs, not because they are interest only mortgage.


How to Assess Interest Only Mortgage?

Your loan official or mortgage broker gives the necessary statistics on the characteristics of every loan you are considering. To make it convenient for them, get a print out and give them spreadsheet of ARM characteristics.

After that, the statistics is transferred into the home mortgage calculator, which will create your tables.

Interest only mortgages are advantageous for first time home buyers. A number of new home owners struggle throughout the initial year of ownership for the reason that they are not familiar with paying mortgage payments, which are usually higher as compared to rental payments.