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A Mortgage loan calculator can help you assess the loan rate you would be getting before you approach a broker. The features of a mortgage loan calculator vary but the online sites carry various calculators with numerous features that help the buyer.

Our favorite online calculator is the HSH Home Buyers Calculator Suite that has 10 functions that help you shop for a mortgage or loan.


Mortgage broker

Download the HSH Home Loan Calculator Free.


The features of the Mortgage Loan Calculator are:

 Quick Calculators: Help find the missing loan variable.

 Refinancing Calculator: Determine whether refinancing your loan is the solution for you.

 Mortgage Qualifier: Can you afford a mortgage and what’s your limit.

 Loan Spread Calculator: Find out what your loan looks like in the coming years.

 Prepayment Calculator: If you could pre-pay your loan how much would you save, find out now.

 Biweekly Payments: Want to pay bi-weekly? How much can you save?

 Amortization Schedules: What if games with pre-payments.

 Home Seller's Proceeds: The net profit you get when ready to sell house.

 Estimate Closing Costs: This is what your house really costs.

 Rent Vs. Buy: What’s your solution renting ot buying…find out the feasibility of both.


The best part about this calculator is that it can be used for any car loan or short term loan as well!

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