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Mortgage Process


Part of JPMorgan Chase, Washington Mutual (WaMu) is a US leading home mortgage lender. WaMu provides mortgage loans at low interest rates with easy repayment schedules. In 2008 alone, they funded over $150 billion in the form of home loans. Customers have the option of choosing insurance products that match their mortgage lending needs including mortgage life insurance, casualty insurance and private mortgage insurance.


WaMu provides real estate investors tremendous value with quick processing and competitive pricing. If you are not able to pay the monthly installments of your home loan on time, you can talk tot he financial experts employed by WaMu to make a payment agreement.


Commercial Term Lending


With commercial term lending, Washington Mutual offers a wide variety of fixed and adjustable rate term financing for refinancing and buying. WaMu is a delegated underwriting and servicing lender for Fannie Mae’s multi-family financial products. It offers construction, term and acquisition financing for real estate properties. The company is also actively involved in multi-family community lending and investments. To originate residential mortgage loans, lines of credit are also provided.


Credit Card and Online Banking Services


Throughout the US, WaMu provides credit card services to middle market consumers. Washington Mutual Credit Cards are normally used by industry professionals. Combining excellent customer service, experience and technology, customers can avail products and services that are tailor made for their financial requirements. Washington Mutual Online Banking is the way to go if you are interested in banking from the comfort of your home.


Mortgage Loan Payment


Remember, your savings account is not the only option available for making payments of Washington Mutual Home Loans. You can repay your home loan through selling bonds and stocks, using cash from your 401(K) account or requesting funds from life insurance policies.


At Washington Mutual Mortgage, if you have missed any home loan payment, you will be given the chance to repay the loan amount on the basis of a new repayment plan designed taking into consideration your current financial condition. With new repayment plan, you can postpone foreclosure proceedings and repay the previous amount later.


If your loan is past due, you can work in collaboration with WaMu and ensure that you are back on track with your Washington Mutual Refinance Mortgage. To get the best out of this situation, analyze your financial condition carefully. Once you sign an agreement paper, you will not be able to modify the terms and conditions of the loan. By working with WaMu your monthly installments are going to decrease and there will be some extension in your loan term.


The facility of grace period is also offered to individuals whose credit record is good. The main advantage of the grace period is that you do not need to pay any money to the lender. Normally, the grace period lasts three to six months.




At Washington Mutual, you will be given a chance to make reduced monthly installments. If you are interested in modifying the terms of your loan or selling your house, WaMu will provide you a forbearance plan. A forbearance agreement with the company is going to help you if you think your monthly source of income is going to increase.


On the basis of your financial condition, selling your house may be an ideal option. WaMu can accommodate a short sale where you need to pay off the majority of your home loan. With a short sale, you can easily control the timing of your house sale. To get more information regarding short sale, you need to provide an HUD-1 settlement statement and lien release letters.