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Alaska is considered to be one of the most highly prized states to own a home. Based on various surveys on the final costs for obtaining an Alaska mortgage refinance, the cost of property is similar to California.


Refinancing a Mortgage in Alaska


Mortgage refinancing involves getting a new and lower interest rate on your first mortgage. This will help you in repaying the existing one and getting another one with much lower rates. In Alaska, the refinance rates are quite low and you can get the best rates if you do adequate research. These rates are lower due to less risk taken by the refinance lenderswhen applying for the second or third mortgage. However, if you apply for a complete new mortgage, then you will have to pay an additional fee for closing the earlier ones. This fee is about 2.5 to 3 percent of the amount borrowed for the loan.


Types of Refinancing Programs in Alaska


There is a variety of Alaska mortgage refinancing available and you can choose to get the lower interest rate based on your requirement. This includes the regular refinancing options as well as Quicken Loans.


  • If you are interested in a traditional mortgage, then you can opt for 30-year fixed or 15-year fixed Refinance mortgage.
  • You can opt of FHA loan to either consolidate debt or refinance your mortgage which will give you cash-out refinancing for up to 85%
  • Another option is the FHA Streamline which can refinance your FHA loan to a lower interest rate. This FHA Streamline mortgage refinance enables refinance with no appraisal.


Apart from these, Alaska borrowers can also opt for unique local loans, which are offered with much lesser interest rate. Nationwide Mortgage Loans offers fixed rate refinancing loans for second mortgages and home equity lines of credit. The benefits of these lower interest rates can be enjoyed by residents of Pacific North West as well.


Reasons for Applying for Alaska MortgageRefinance


  • Refinancing Current Adjustable Rate and converting it into fixed rate
  • Additional Tax Deductions
  • Removal of Mortgage Insurance
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Buying furniture
  • Revamping or reconstruction of the home
  • Financing a Start-up Business
  • Buying an Alaska Vacation Home



To choose an appropriate Alaska mortgage refinance, you should compare the various options and gather information about fixed-rate mortgages, which are offered in the state. Through this, your interest rate would remain same and there will not be any risk of increased payments and interest rates. You should opt for that refinancing option which offers maximum tax deductions, especially in the first few years of the loan.