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There are several strong arguments for renting an apartment or a house. Firstly, if you rent a house, then, as a rule, you will not need to spend money and time on housing maintenance and its repair.

Secondly, you do not have to pay property taxes or insurance, except insurance as a tenant. In addition to all this, renting a house or apartment, you do not spend money that would otherwise be used for an initial payment when buying real estate.

Of course, the owner can ask you to give a deposit in the amount of rent or demand to pay in advance rent for the first and last month, but these expenses will almost always be less than the initial payment when buying real estate on credit and much less than the cost of a house or apartment.
Also, one of the biggest pluses of rental real estate in the US is mobility. After finding a new job, you can always move to another state. This highlight is quite important for immigrants of the USA.

Renting a house or apartment you can go around most US states and choose the most pleasant place for permanent residence and only then decide where and when to buy a house or apartment.

In any case, the choice between renting and buying real estate is only your choice, and how much it can be successful depends entirely on you.