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The US real estate market is one of the most promising for investment. But in order to dare to purchase a real estate abroad, namely in the United States, you need to decide on the objectives of such a purchase and find out how to register this real estate.

There are usually five such goals:

  1. Own permanent residence (housing is acquired in the US for own permanent residence or residence of children receiving education in America)
  2. Own temporary residence (a way to have your own "summer house" in America, usually at the coast of sunny Florida)
  3. Investments in real estate (for the purpose of further resale or long-term investment of available funds)
  4. Real estate business (purchase of commercial real estate for the organization of an enterprise or housing for the purpose of improvement, repair and more profitable resale, or to lease real estate in future)
  5. A tribute to fashion (when a person does not know why he needs it, but does it because now it's fashionable)