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Aspen is one of American cities where real estate is getting more and more popularity. Let’s look why does it appeal people.

Aspen is a city and resort that stretches in the mountains of Colorado. It is considered one of the most prestigious and expensive ski resorts in the world and is loved by many stars of the international scene (for example, Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson built their residences there).

Among Aspen’s pros are:

  • There are practically no huge gatherings of people on the descents, which is typical for many other resorts.
  • This is a charming old town with its own character, with many restaurants and shops.
  • There are the beautiful regions of Aspen Highlands and Snowmass nearby.
  • The airport is conveniently located near the city.
  • There are vast slopes for every preference.

Aspen’s Cons:

  • Descents are divided into four separate mountains (including Snowmass), which, however, are effectively negotiated by free buses.
  • The bigger trend Aspen becomes, the more expensive it costs.
  • Aspen is somewhat isolated - there are no other large resorts nearby.

Village charm

The historical center of Aspen has been carefully preserved and forms the heart of one of the most fashionable and charming ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains.
Aspen offers great opportunities for accommodation. Although the city has a lively transport traffic, life here flows slowly.


The most beautiful views open from the top of the Highlands - you can see the peaks of Marun Bells, which are often printed on postcards.

Snow cover

On average, about 760 centimeters of snow falls in Aspen. Trails are very high quality there.

Ski school and guides

Aspen's school is highly regarded. Usually classes are held in small groups and in accordance with high standards - a maximum of 3 people in class and one instructor for three days. There is also a program where you ski the whole day with a professional who acts as a guide and at the same time helps you to sharpen the technique.

For families

Aspen is perfect for families. At Buttermilk there are all conditions for teaching children. Snowmass has all advantages that appeal families.