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Even though you will find that the lending rules are different if you are or have been a member of the United States’ military, that does not mean that finding a home loan is a walk in the park. Even the Department of Veterans Affairs itself isn’t always so willing to hand over grants and loan approvals. So many veterans are out there struggling like everyone else when it comes to finding a place to live.


 Do you personally know where to find the best VA home loan rates today?

The fact of the matter is that the rates are constantly changing, and the company offering good rates today may decide to up them tomorrow. Luckily, however, most of the VA mortgage rates are in the same ballpark due to regulations. They’re not allowed you charge you a lot of interest; they’re not allowed to suddenly spike your rates through the use of carefully hidden clauses in the fine print; and the VA standard is a 0% down loan.


Quicken Loans
Although they do not only cater to veterans, Quicken Loans offers some of the lowest rates to servicemen and woman today. With their 0% down policy and the fact that they offer loans to military personnel with lower credit scores, this service is ideal. Plus, to top it off, you can find low rates. For example, a 30-year VA loan through his company gives you a low fixed rate of 3.75%. (You have to take into account that this rate won’t adjust and that this is a loan with 0% down and available to individuals with low credit.)


Lending Tree
If you were planning to refinance your current loan as a member of the military, you can find a very low rate of 2.5% on a 30-year plan via Lending Tree, an online company that deals with many VA options. Even with a 30-year fixed rate home loan option, you’re only paying around 2.839%. This particular loan will be a little tougher to qualify for, but the rate is much lower.


Tip:The best approach here is to play the field. Have someone from the VA help you in finding the right type of home loan for you to ensure that you get the best deal possible.