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Getting a mortgage does not always depend on your credit history, even if you have a bad credit history you will get a mortgage. It is difficult to obtain a bad credit mortgage but it is not impossible.

For this purpose, you need to shop around and get some expert advice otherwise you will not be able to get the best deal.

Having a bad credit history can land you in a situation where lenders will charge higher interest rates or put penalties on the agreement. Therefore, do not hurry, instead of all check all the details of the lender and get the right advice from any agent or professional so you can ensure you have the advance that perfectly meets your needs.


Credit Reports Issued After Bankruptcy


Bad Credit Mortgage

People who are interested in buying property, or those who wish to refinance to pay off old debts but have poor credit history are the ones for whom bad credit mortgages have been introduced. In United States a large number of people do not qualify for standard mortgage due to bad credit history.

Even if they have bad credit history, various choices are made available as many organizations have started focusing on them. More and more companies are offering cheap rates of interest for this purpose which presents the borrowers with a number of options to choose from. A bad credit mortgage is also known as sub-prime or non-standard mortgage.


Getting a Bad Credit Mortgage

The bad credit market is smaller than the standard market but it is still very complex and you can easily get confused as to which bad credit mortgage to choose. It is advisable for you to take an expert’s recommendations to decide which bad credit mortgage will suit you.

The broker can assist you in completing the applications, help you find the right products and solve your queries.


Major Causes of Bad Credit History

  • Failure to repay on time - If there is default in paying back a mortgage loan, it will affect the credit rating.
  • Decrees or Country Court Judgments - In case of failure in making payments and court orders being issued against an individual, the credit history is likely to be affected.
  • Bankruptcy - If a person is declared bankrupt, the credit history will be affected.


Effects of Bad Credit History

  • With a bad credit history you will not be able to get loans easily. You will have to spend time and money to find the right deal.
  • Most financial institutions are not willing to provide loans to those who have a bad credit history.
  • Getting a bad credit mortgage is not easy and experts charge high fees for providing assistance.
  • You can be faced with the problem of paying prepayment penalties.
  • You need to be watchful about Predatory Mortgage Lenders. They try to cheat people by levying extra charges.